what-is-disequilibriumDizziness does not quite sum up the experience of disequilibrium, since this word is often associated with vertigo and lightheadedness. It is valuable to know how to correctly describe these conditions so that your doctor is equipped with the most accurate information to meet your specific needs.

Disequilibrium or Vertigo?

Vertigo could be described as feeling as though you or the world is spinning around you, when in fact you are standing perfectly still. It is a false sense of motion, perhaps even a sensation of moving backwards or forwards. This can result in a loss of balance and a fall, which would be dangerous in certain situations like climbing stairs or ladders.

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On the other hand, disequilibrium is simply the feeling that you are suddenly about to fall and require help. This doesn’t happen because of a feeling of false movement or being disoriented. Instead you may feel like the ground has begun to tilt or that your body is floating above it. This effect is related to the vestibular system composed of mechanisms like the vestibulocochlear nerve and the inner ear.

The Neck and Disequilibrium

After experiencing a head or neck injury some people also have bouts of disequilibrium. The reason for this is that the connections between the body and brain get interrupted by misalignments in the upper spine. Nerves relaying valuable information to the brain run right through the spinal bones. When these messages get confused, it can lead to symptoms like those of disequilibrium.

Any kind of trauma to the head or neck should be evaluated and examined by someone who specializes in caring for the upper spine. Upper cervical chiropractors are professionals who know this part of spine well and are specifically trained to see the slightest misalignment. They use gentle and precise adjustments to move the neck bones to proper alignment, restoring the nerves’ communication pathways and relieving disequilibrium.

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