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Balanced Living Takes on Migraine Pain

balanced-living-takes-on-migraine-painMigraines can be extremely disabling and affect your life quality. Out of every four households in the United States, one household has someone suffering from migraines. The easiest thing to do seems to be grabbing a nearby bottle of pain relievers. However, while this may reduce pain during an attack, it does not address the underlying cause. Therefore, migraines continue to occur. By finding out what the root cause is, you may be able to improve or even eliminate migraines. Before seeing just how to do that, let’s look at some interesting facts you may not know about migraines.

  • A decrease in stress can trigger migraines. We all know that stress can bring about migraines, but something called a “let-down” headache can also have an impact. If your mood changes suddenly from stressed and anxious to calm and happy, you are at a 20 percent higher risk of getting a migraine.
  • People with migraines are at a higher risk for stroke. It has not been determined why, but cardiovascular problems, along with stroke, seem to be more pronounced in people who have migraines. The risk increases if you:
    • Are over age 35
    • Have an aura before your migraines
    • Use birth control
    • Smoke
  • Trauma to the head and neck can bring about migraines. It has been stated in JAMA (the Journal of the American Medical Association) that migraines and headaches actually originate in the neck, not the head. Continued research is proving this to be true and may just be the answer to the problem of migraines.


Finding Relief for Migraines

If one of the underlying causes of migraines is head and neck trauma, then it makes sense to look closer at it so as to care for it properly. If you have endured this type of trauma, you may have a misalignment in one of the bones of the upper cervical spine. The brainstem may come under stress, and the bones may act as a blockage to the flow of blood and cerebrospinal fluid flow going into and exiting the brain.

We use a gentle method here at our Vancouver, Washington office to help these bones realign naturally without the need to pop or crack the neck or back. This often leads to an improvement in migraines in just a few visits.



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We utilize a very precise system of analysis, based on physics and math, to calculate the precise pathway and corrective force necessary to bring your body back into alignment.

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