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February 4, 2024
The Connection Between Motorbike Accidents and Worsening Migraines

Have you recently been involved in a motorcycle accident? What are your symptoms following the accident? Could your recent motorcycle crash be the reason behind your persistent headaches? As you sit there with a pounding headache, have you ever considered whether the motorbike accident you brushed off as minor could be the reason behind your […]

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January 28, 2024
Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness: 5 Facts You Need To Know

How do you manage everyday activities like cooking, cleaning, or commuting when dealing with persistent dizziness? Do you often experience symptoms significantly impacting your ability to complete a routine task? Have you ever found it difficult to explain your condition to friends or family who may not fully understand what you're going through? What strategies […]

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January 14, 2024
Struggling with Nighttime Headaches? Let's Explore the Causes Together

Have you ever been jolted awake by a headache in the middle of the night? If so, you're not alone. A lot of people seeking NUCCA Chiropractic in Vancouver experience nighttime headaches. And, like you, they’re not sure why they experience such a symptom. Let’s help you get to the bottom of nighttime headaches by […]

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December 31, 2023
Is There A Connection Between Brainstem And Vertigo?

Have you ever missed out on simple pleasures, like a carefree stroll in the park, because a vertigo episode always seems to lurk around the corner? Does the thought of boarding a plane or climbing a staircase send shivers down your spine, fearing the onset of vertigo at the most inconvenient times? How do you […]

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December 10, 2023
Why Does Chocolate Cause Migraines?

Are you a chocolate lover? Now that the holidays are here, do you choose to indulge and suffer from migraines later or refuse what you love? Do you find yourself hesitating before indulging in that piece of chocolate cake at parties, fearing the familiar onset of a pounding migraine shortly after? Do you get the […]

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November 26, 2023
Smoking's Role in Impaired Balance and Coordination

Do you often experience vertigo or unsteadiness in your feet as if you're going to fall? Do you ever get dizzy or lightheaded when you get up from sitting or lying down? Do you know what's causing this symptom? Are you a smoker? Do you ever have to hold onto something to steady yourself after […]

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