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Balanced Living Chiropractic Reviews

Dr. Joe Perin and Dr. Vanessa Wulff Reviews

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<p>Demi’s story</p>
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Demi’s story

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<p>Vicki finaledit BL</p>
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Vicki finaledit BL

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<p>NUCCA Care at Balanced Living Chiropractic – Headaches</p>
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NUCCA Care at Balanced Living Chiropractic – Headaches

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<p>NUCCA Care at Balanced Living Chiropractic</p>
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NUCCA Care at Balanced Living Chiropractic

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<p>NUCCA chiropractic care at Balanced Living</p>
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NUCCA chiropractic care at Balanced Living

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<p>Chiropractor In Vancouver Washington Nerve Pain Relief</p>
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Chiropractor In Vancouver Washington Nerve Pain Relief

realigned my atlas - was a very good experience.


I love that you guys Do chiropractic in a different way and take away all the anxiety

Tena W

Amazed that I have been living in pain so long, and after 2 visits I can feel a difference.

Mark L

I have had numerous positive experiences at Balanced Living Chiropractic. The staff is professional, and friendly. I appreciate how Dr. Joe talked me through my treatments and answered any questions I had.

Jill S

I have a very painful lower back and hips. I never would have believed that getting my Axis balanced on my neck would fix my lower back problems. Also I am way more flexible in my whole body now. I am so thankful that I found you guys. You have helped me immensely. Thank you

Auli K

Dr Perin is the bomb! He is extremely knowledgeable in so many areas of holistic health, wellness, nutrition, supplementation, and of course NUCA chiropractic care. When I came in for the first time several years ago I was in intolerable neck pain and lower back pain and spasms from old injuries and a lifetime of being out of alignment. Over time Dr Perin has brought me steadily back into alignment, relieving the pain and bringing physical balance to my body. He and his office are second to none - I cannot recommend them enough!

Scott N

Best ever thank you

Carmen G

Dr P was very compassionate and took the time to explain his procedures and plan for my recovery. All the therapists and staff were kind and professional. Highly recommend

Anna B

I have strong confidence in the cervical chiropractic method, and in Dr. Perin. He knows his stuff and completes the adjustment with posture education. I appreciated being given a quote for one year of treatment before I decided to go ahead with it. I am receiving treatment for scoliosis and lombardosis. I am not under the illusion that these can be cured, but am looking to arrest the progress of this condition, which can leave one crippled. I am confident that it is being arrested with this treatment.--D. Dunn

Debbie D

It was a pleasure I enjoyed every time I was there. Everyone was nice and respectful and always made sure I was at easy and taken care of. Really the best group of people.

Jay Y

I would highly recommend your services to anyone needing chiropractic care. Dr. Woulff is thorough and cares about your total body health. Danielle always makes you feel welcome and comfortable.

Erl T

Very pleased to have learned more of my disabilty. I have received more stability and increased mobility along with answeres to my questions. This is a outstanding clinic, with very interested and capable staff. Thanks very much for all your efforts SFB

Steve B

I have experienced neck/shoulder pain for over 20 years. I have only had eight adjustments and it is life changing. I work at a computer all day it is so much better with out the nagging pain. I have also been able to go on long road trips without neck support. Highly recommend this procedure and Dr. Perin. Alita


Professional, informative, helpful, decreased my pain rather quickly

Rene R

I was Satisfied and impressed!

Dave P

I've had the best experience! I suffered from debilitating migraines for a very long time. In April 2019 I was waking up every night for 2 weeks with them. I was getting ready to go to Alaska to go fishing in the ocean and was feeling pretty nervous about it. I was thinking about canceling my trip. I heard about Nucca chiropractic along time ago but forgot about it. After every night for 2 weeks woke up and googled nucca. This office was the first one I saw. I called, got in the same day. I was the type of patient they could help! I've heard that before sol tried to refrain my excitement. They were right! I got in 2 treatments prior to Alaska and was perfectly fine my whole trip! They have totally changed my life and quality of life. I'm on a maintenance program now and tend to hold my adjustments pretty well which are so soft and gentle you can't tell your getting adjusted! The traditional chiropractors I'd seen could never get my adjustments to hold. I tried a neurologist, Accupuncture, physical therapy and massage for my migraines as well. Balanced living has been better than the miracle I've prayed for so many years! I would recommend to anyone!

Heidi B

I've been seeing Dr. Perin for several months. The treatments I've received have been helping with relieving my pain and therefore I'm healing. Thank you, Dr. Perin!

Bill G

When I get a "crick" in my neck, Dr. Joe knows what to do to fix it, then I feel great again. We have gone to Dr. Joe for years, we highly recommend him.

Allen Q

WOW. I've gone to two treatments and NOW I CAN SLEEP! After much on-line research regarding my symptoms (stemming from forward head posture) including, sinus issues, sleep apnea-like symptoms,breathing issues, tinitus, fullness in ears, dizziness, and something I can only describe as "brain movement" for NO REASON... I visited two chiropractors, my GP, Life Line Screening, ENT, the emergency room, had an ultrasound an EKG, and a partridge in a pear tree. I was treated for allergies, used a posture pump, sleep hero, many posture/neck/shoulder exercises .. but still was uncomortable & not sleeping well. I was a mess & about ready to give up, but Thankfully, I found NUCCA & Dr Perin, x-rays showed my axis 8 degrees off & after two quick, painless adjustments, I was able to sleep uninterrupted for almost 6 straight hours. For the first time in over a YEAR I had uninterrupted, good nights sleep, & I've been sleeping & breathing much better (sinuses are clear!!) this whole week! I'm still amazed by the NUCCA treatments, going in for my third treatment today &and look forward to many more with Dr Perin! THANK YOU for giving me my LIFE BACK!! JZ

Jeff Z

I was always afraid of Chiropractors, Dr. Perin debunked all my misinformation and treated my dizziness issues. Aligning the vertebrae was so subtle yet amazing improvement over all. I am now aware that my spine dictates my entire body's health. Thank you. Kitty Mareschi September 10, 2019

Kitty M

My family and I have been seeing Dr. Perin for over 5 years and have benefited from the adjustments. He also has provided information on healthy living with regards to foods we eat and dietary supplements. I recommend him and his staff highly. JMT

John T

Wonderful service. Dr Perin's adjustments allow me to train for my next marathon.

Emil K

I love the gentle corrections that are done.

Jeanie B

I started working with Dr. Perin almost two years ago. At that time I had about a 1.5 degree misalignment on each of my Atlas and Axis. It took about a year before they were very stable, and I had dropped to a 6 week adjustment schedule. My legs were also at the same length for the first time in 10 years Other Chiropractors didn't know the cause. Dr. Perin did and fixed it, among other symptoms in my back. Unfortunately, I was rear ended a month later, by a careless driver. My neck was now out twice as bad as it had been a year prior! Well, it only took about 6 months for Dr. Perin adjusted me back to neutral. I have recommended Dr. Perin to everyone who I think may have an upper cervical issue.

Harry B

I was thrilled someone finally took me serious about this neck pain. DR Wulff did a thorough examination and after just one treatment I began to feel better. It is a joy to deal with all the people that work at Balanced Living Chiropractic. Thank you!

Rose A

Dr really cares about his patients and their health. I would highly recommend him

Lana L

The only care that works for me, low impact upper cervical. If other Chiropractic hasn't helped you or even caused pain, you should definitely give NUCCA technique a try.

Deborah E

Dr Perin is a Godsend! He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about NUCCA. He has made a difference in my life. I've tried many types of treatments but NUCCA has given results almost immediately. I highly recommend NUCCA and Dr. Perin!

Sheila B

I felt he was sympathetic and sincere in finding a cure. He was always on time with the appointment, which I appreciated, and maintained a pleasant place to come and find solace from pain. I liked his approach, overall.

Dennis N

Very friendly staff and Dr Perin always takes time to listen about my ailments but at the same time is efficient with my time.

Tiffany P

Dr. Perin is wonderful :0)

Kourtney N

It's exciting to feel good again!!!

Laura M

I'm finely getting my alignment to stay. I'm beyond excited to be feeling like I'm making progress with my health.

Juanita A


Laura M

I am always met with gentle kindness...

Sarazan T

I no longer have jaw or hip issues. I would highly recommend Dr. Perin.

Nan R

I'm very pleased with the progress and results of the adjustments

Arden G

Amazing. Immediate relief from my lack of balance symptoms.


Helped me heal of breast cancer. Very relaxing, balanced approach to help heal, and allow my body to heal itself. No surgery. Chemo, radiation, just healthy alternative healing methods.

Mary W

With my neck issues Dr Joe has made my life so much easier, he is a big part of my regular maintenance to keep my life healthy. I couldn't do it with out his help.

Cindy B

Very satisfied.

Ted T

Dr. Parin has helped me so much. He is very caring and easy to talk to. He actually cares about my problem

Lana L

I was in excruciating pain. Could only sleep in a recliner. Dr. Perin came in very early to work me in. He explained my condition and spent extra time to help me. A very knowledgeable and compassionate man. I would highly recommend Balanced Living Chiropractic!

Linda W

Dr Perin & Danielle are wonderful! They are always professional and make you feel welcome & right at home. Dr. Perin's expertise is second to none! He's so knowledgeable and patiently answers all questions. I highly recommend him if you have a specific issue or if you just need an occasional maintenance program.

Elaine R

Dr. Perin's adjustments are subtle and delicate, but precise and effective. Less can definitely be more. For me, the impact is immediate, and the results are lasting. It is relatively easy to get appointments, and the office is clean, comfortable, and run in a professional manner.

Reggie M

I had an excellent experience seeing Dr. Perrin. He was able to alleviate the pain that I was experiencing. I have been leery of chiropractics in the past but my experience with Dr. Perrin has changed my mind.

Corey R

So far the treatment seems to be working. I still have significant back pain, but the incidence of acute and sudden pain is diminishing. Alas! I know not whether that is due to treatments or the fact that I have backed off the more arduous work and recreation that I formerly indulged in. Better that you should interview me when (and if)l reach my ultimate goal of pain free living. If that happens, I will give your treatment glowing reviews. The staff and Dr Joe are absolutely professional and enjoyable to be around.

George S

After seeing several chiropractors over the years, I finally went to see Joe and could not be happier with the results. He is the only guy that could adjust a rib that was very painful and He got me standing up straight with my head in the correct position. I am so pleased with the results that I have sent my daughter to see him to help her headaches and stiff neck. She also found relief. Joe really knows his stuff and I have been recommending him to friends and family for a few years now.

Mike A

I am very happy with the help I have received from Dr. Perine.

Jeanie B

Dr. Perin (and staff) are very pleasant and competent. Thankful to be in his care.

Welby B

My experience with Balanced Living Chiropractic is 100% positive. Dr. Perin is a very conscientious doctor who truly cares about the people who seek his help. My neck has been stiff for years - and I have experienced such relief in my neck. I've also had a nerve problem from my jaw and that has basically disappeared. I highly recommend Dr. Perin. Danielle, his office support, is equally as caring and helpful. You can't go wrongt.

Lynne L

It has been a wonderful experience getting very effective adjustments from Dr. Perin at Balanced Living Chiropractic. It helped the level of my daily pain sustained from neck injury of a long ago. It is wonderful that NUCCA method can deal with health issues at the root level rather than just managing symptoms. It has also helped reducing some allergic reactions that increased over years. Highly recommend this personable and professional doctor!

Itoe R

Dr. Perin is so wonderful and kind! Our son, Wyatt, was so nervous to start NUCCA. Dr. Perin has been so great with him and Wyatt truly looks forward to his visits. Dr Perin even sent Wyatt a card for his birthday! We have been so happy with his adjustments and noticed a lot of improvements in his behavior as well. We cannot recommend Dr. Perin enough!!!

Wyatt H

Excellent experience! Unfortunately I live two hours and my work recently has prohibited me from taking time away but when I can make the time I will continue to receive treatment from Balanced Living Chiropractic

Tracy A

Dr Perin/staff are really professional and nice- it's always a pleasant experience

Barbara M

Dr. Perin is wonderful, I am truly grateful for his caring & highly professional skills.

Roni V

I love everything about it from the check in to the adjustment to the check out after the zero gravity chair with a blanket. The adjustments are gentle but effective and everything is communicated clearly. I'm really a big fan of Balanced Living Chiropractic!!

Kelly B

Dr. Perin has helped me so much with my migraines and fibromyalgia pain. When I first came to see him a year ago, I was taking over the counter pain meds every single day, and had been for years. Now I'm not even sure of the last time that I took a pain pill. I believe in what he does so much that I became his chiropractic assistant, and am so glad that I have a job where I can spread the message about NUCCA and all of the wonderful things it can do, and support our patients as they find the path to happier, healthier, pain free lives. Thank you Dr. Perin!

Danielle R

Very good

Annette B

My neck used to feel like it was on crooked, after several appt. I felt so much better so now I just go every 2 months to get adjusted you have to go see Dr. Joe He is not one bit pushy, he really has lots of concern over you

Darcey S

There is no one like Dr. Joe!!! Love love love him....just one problem, I wish he lived in Longview! 🙂

Kaye K

Doctor Parin & staff very friendly, warm hearted, people oriented, always helping others. I felt comfortable talking to Doctor Parin. A great chiropractor!

Karen S

I personally as a rule hate doctors, but doctor Joe is great. He has frequently given advice on natural ways to stay healthy. An we truly appreciate everything he

Chantelle W

Awesome! My vertigo is virtually gone and the nausea as well.

Brian A

I have had long term neck problems(over ten years), after some treatments by Dr. Joe, I have been doing great. It is very nice not to have to think about my neck or the pain. Thanks!

Bob C

Love doctor Joe. Made me feel much better.

Deb R

Dr Joe is very knowledgeable about the body and what affects it. His depth goes far beyond "just" NUCCA chiropractic. He understands the interplay of diet, supplements, and many other facets of medical knowledge. And... He's very friendly and informative!

Scott N

Dr. Perin is a superstar practitioner who goes above and beyond to help his patients. What's more, his treatments are incredibly effective. We are very grateful for his help with our family!

Kendra J

We were happy with our results. Right now I feel as though we have been living at the doctors and physical therapy offices. As soon as I can get through all of this we will be back to see you. I am going to need alot of straightening out. Ruth Rudolph

Ron And Ruth R

In the past year I've enjoyed getting to know Dr. Perin and gained a lot of understanding about the NUCCA method. He has been great to work with and I'm feeling much better than I had in a long time. There are at least 3 or 4 others who we've sent to see Dr. Perin and I've only heard good reports form them as well. Thank you for all you've done to help us!

Dave M

I have recommended you to several people. 🙂

Maria F

How would anyone feel about getting their quality of life back? Great!! Dr. Perin not only has the knowledge to help his patients but the empathy for the patient's physical situation. He helps his patients to understand how NUCCA works thus creating a team effort. His receptionist, Daniel is also a valuable part of team as she is always there with a smile and willingness to work with you regarding finding that perfect spot on the schedule. With Dr. Perin you get the highest quality of professionalism and a heart to go with it.

Gina S

I liked going to balanced living chiropractic. One of our daughters got married in March and I am not financially ready to come back yet.

Barb E

I love Dr. Perin! Not only is he knowledgeable about well being he is also personable and always makes me feel balanced when I leave. I would surely recommend him to all my friends and family.

Lynn W

Balanced Living Chiropractic has a very inviting office atmosphere. I appreciate the featured articles that are posted along with the various reading materials on hand. I'm always learning something new and interesting. However, since Dr. Perin is always so punctual I don't always get to finish what I started 🙂

Mary T
If you are ready for a new approach to conventional chiropractic, 
or are apprehensive about “twisting” and “cracking“, 
Balanced Living Chiropractic Center just might be the place for you.

We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have, 
and to learn more about NUCCA and our practice.

We utilize a very precise system of analysis, based on physics and math, to calculate the precise pathway and corrective force necessary to bring your body back into alignment.

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