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Beyond The Battle: Can Migraine Symptoms Go Away After Several Years?

migraine chiropractor in Vancouver

Are you one of the millions of people suffering from migraines? Are you tired of experiencing relentless pain in your head along with other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to lights, sounds, and smell? Does your migraine make you miss out on so many precious events that you feel like your relationships with your loved ones are slowly drifting away? 

A migraine chiropractor in Vancouver is no stranger to questions from patients asking if their symptoms will ever go away. Many of them have been suffering from this condition for years, feeling like they'll have to live with it. But migraine need not be permanent. With proper care, your migraine symptoms and episodes can eventually go away. But how can you achieve permanent relief?


Unmasking The Culprits: Your Migraine Triggers And Causes

Are you aware of the sneaky triggers that can set off your migraines? Understanding what triggers your episodes is a good starting point to help you find lasting relief. Knowing what you're dealing with can ensure you're getting proper care and are more efficient in your methods. Below are possible triggers that may be responsible for your episodes:

  1. Stress

This common cause of migraine can trigger a full-blown migraine storm.

  1. Hormonal changes

Women are more likely to develop migraine than men, and their ever-changing hormone levels are to blame.

  1. Diet

Your food choices and habits are factors that can trigger migraine too.

  1. Sleep

Poor quality sleep can also trigger migraine attacks.

  1. Weather

Some people experience migraine due to changes in the weather conditions.

  1. Upper Cervical Misalignment

Misaligned bones in the Upper Cervical area can irritate nerves and put undue pressure on the surrounding area's muscles, tissues, ligaments, and joints, leading to migraine episodes.

By paying close attention to your experiences and the moments when migraines strike, you can connect the dots and better understand your personal triggers. From here, you can start making smarter choices, avoid those triggers, and explore your options for relief.

migraine chiropractor in Vancouver

Reach Out To A Migraine Chiropractor In Vancouver

If you've been dealing with migraine for years and feel no relief is in sight despite your efforts, there may be a misalignment in your Upper Cervical spine that needs to be corrected. Accidents, injuries, or even poor posture can contribute to this misalignment, and they don't heal with rest or medication.

Upper Cervical Chiropractors can help restore proper alignment and balance to your Upper Cervical bones. Some migraine patients have had to endure the pain for years but are successful in ending their misery through Upper Cervical Care. You can be one of them too! Book a consultation at our office and let us help you deal with a misalignment in your spine that's been giving you migraines. It's time to take a step towards regaining control over your life.


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We utilize a very precise system of analysis, based on physics and math, to calculate the precise pathway and corrective force necessary to bring your body back into alignment.

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