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Is There A Connection Between Brainstem And Vertigo?

vertigo relief in Vancouver, WA, brainstem

Have you ever missed out on simple pleasures, like a carefree stroll in the park, because a vertigo episode always seems to lurk around the corner? Does the thought of boarding a plane or climbing a staircase send shivers down your spine, fearing the onset of vertigo at the most inconvenient times? How do you deal with dizziness and the world spinning around you even if you're standing still? Do you know what triggers your vertigo? And do you know where to go for lasting vertigo relief in Vancouver, WA? Are you familiar with the connection between vertigo and the brainstem? 

Vertigo comes in two primary forms – peripheral and central. The former, affecting a vast majority of individuals, is linked to issues within the vestibular system, triggered by disorders like Meniere's, BPPV, and inner ear infections. On the other hand, central vertigo, less common but equally impactful, often arises from brainstem lesions, affecting those with pre-existing central nervous system problems or experiencing trauma, tumors, multiple sclerosis, or infections.


Alleviating Brainstem Pressure to Ease Vertigo

If you're grappling with frequent and severe vertigo attacks, there's a chance that your upper cervical bones are playing a role in the chaos, putting undue pressure and stress on your brainstem. Seeking the help of an Upper Cervical Chiropractor for vertigo involves a simple yet effective process. Carefully examining and imaging a customized care plan can restore your upper cervical spine's proper balance and alignment. This natural method can help bring promising results to relieve your vertigo symptoms and ensures that the adjustments hold for the long term.

vertigo relief in Vancouver, WA, brainstem

Upper Cervical Care May Be Your Key to Long-term Vertigo Relief in Vancouver, WA

Think of your brainstem as your body's mission control center. It's the crucial part overseeing functions like breathing, heart rate, and your body's balance. This part is like the traffic cop for signals traveling between your brain and the parts of your body that control movement and equilibrium.

Now, when there's a hiccup in this control center – it could be due to misalignment in your upper neck bones or other issues – it starts playing tricks on your balance. Imagine it as a glitch in the system, causing mixed signals to be sent out. These mixed signals can lead to the unsettling sensation of vertigo, making you feel like you're on a spinning amusement park ride, even when you're just trying to stand still. So, in short, a happy, well-functioning brainstem equals smooth sailing, but any disruptions can result in a vertigo rollercoaster.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care is necessary to help ease your vertigo woes linked to postural problems or atlas subluxation. It’s also a must-try technique if you have a history of neck or head injuries or notice significant changes to your posture (uneven gait and unlevelled shoulders and hips).

By correcting these misalignments, Upper Cervical Chiropractors can help restore the natural flow of signals, providing relief for those seeking vertigo relief in Vancouver. If you've been experiencing vertigo episodes with no relief in sight, you can book a visit to our office, and we can help identify if brainstem issues are linked to your episodes. From here, we will work with you to find a solution tailored to your needs.


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