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What to Do When Sleepless Nights and Dizzy Days Collide

sleep, vertigo relief in Vancouver WA

Have you ever pulled an all-nighter and then spent the next day feeling as though the world is constantly spinning? It's not just your exhausted mind playing tricks on you. There's a real connection between feeling dizzy, off-balance, and a lack of sleep. As an Upper Cervical Chiropractor, Dr Perin often reminds his patients about the connection between the two health concerns.

When we think about sleep, we picture peaceful rest and rejuvenation, but your brain and body actually use those hours for critical maintenance. Everything from cognitive function to physical coordination depends on consistent, good-quality sleep. When you're missing out on precious shut-eye, your sense of balance, along with countless other processes, begins to falter. 

Find out how you can get enough sleep at night and achieve lasting vertigo relief in Vancouver WA as you read our latest discussion on Upper Cervical Care.


What is Vertigo and How Can Sleep Affect It?

Vertigo isn't just a lightheaded feeling; it's the disorienting sensation that you or the environment is moving even when everything is still. Sleep deprivation can trigger or worsen existing bouts of vertigo. Your inner ear, a key player in balance, relies on a complex system of tiny hairs and crystals.  Without  adequate rest, your brain struggles to process information from your senses, throwing your entire equilibrium off-kilter.


The Hidden Factor: Atlas Subluxation

We at Balanced Living Chiropractic Center often see patients struggling with both sleep disturbances and vertigo, unaware that a hidden problem might be to blame - a neck misalignment. 

As we often explain, atlas subluxation is a misalignment of the top vertebra in your neck, the atlas. This misalignment puts pressure on your brainstem, impacting the communication pathways between your brain and body. It can lead to difficulty sleeping and  issues with balance and coordination.

sleep, vertigo relief in Vancouver WA

NUCCA Can Make a Difference for People Seeking Vertigo Relief in Vancouver Wa

If you're ready to break the frustrating cycle of sleepless nights and dizzy spells, there's hope. As a NUCCA doctor, Dr. Perin helps correct atlas subluxation with gentle NUCCA adjustments. Guided by the precise measurements obtained during the initial examination, he can apply precise chiropractic adjustments to the atlas bone that will help restore the alignment of the cervical spine. 

This will help ease the pressure off the nervous system, which ultimately will help you improve both sleep quality and manage troubling sensations of vertigo. Don't let sleep deprivation and dizziness control your life. If you live in or around Vancouver, WA or think that your vertigo and sleeping problems might have something to do with misalignment in the neck, we encourage you to book an appointment with Dr. Joseph Perin

With our detailed consultation and examination, you can determine whether this technique might apply to your situation and understand how NUCCA care can help you achieve lasting vertigo relief in Vancouver WA.


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