a-natural-and-safe-care-for-menieres-diseaseBefore Vancouver vertigo relief happens, patients need to be informed of the real deal about their symptom. Vertigo can be due to Meniere’s disease. Meniere’s is similar to experiencing seasickness. It is quite a rare condition that only affects as many as 200 out of 100,000 individuals. 

Those with Meniere’s disease have their vestibular system, and parts of their inner ear suffer from malfunctions. When this occurs, the central nervous system becomes affected too. According to clinical studies, experiencing an injury to the neck or head can bring about Meniere’s disease.

The disorder can be challenging to diagnose and frustrating for people to take care of effectively. There are many accompanying symptoms, such as migraines and vertigo, to name a few. Thus, it’s hard to find a safe and natural way to get relief from the symptoms. Also, there are very few suggested methods that work for most people. 

Motion Sickness Drugs: Do They Work?

Drugs for motion sickness are often the recommendation to help people with Meniere’s. It is a popular form of care medication that can relieve your nausea. However, as more clinical breakthroughs appear, it is now questioned if medication is still the best idea. Especially since most drugs have some serious side effects when used for a long time. Therefore, research is starting to reveal that drugs may hinder the body’s natural healing ability.

Upper Cervical Care as a Natural Reliever for Meniere’s Disease

People nowadays are more open to the idea of natural care. Upper cervical chiropractors, here at Balanced Living Chiropractic in Vancouver, WA, have seen much success in using non-invasive, natural, and gentle procedures to care for patients with Meniere’s disease, vertigo, and other health problems. 

It has repeatedly proven and seen through numerous studies that Meniere’s disease connects to a misalignment in the vertebra or bone of the upper neck, particularly the C1 or atlas bone. This atlas vertebra must be in proper alignment for the nervous system to function at its optimum best.

A misalignment in the atlas vertebra impacts the brainstem. Thus, it causes the brainstem to send the wrong signals to the brain. False signals lead to vertigo and other symptoms of Meniere’s disease.

Therefore, by realigning the atlas, the body can start to heal. Also, the nervous system returns to its best performance.

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