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Can Certain Sounds Set Off a Vertigo Attack?

vertigo relief in Vancouver

Dizzying symptoms like vertigo attacks often get triggered by several things. Most people who have it note sudden movements, stress, and even emotional turmoil as common triggers. Others, on the one hand, claim they experience unexplainable bouts of spinning sensations after hearing certain sounds. If you’re actively looking for options for vertigo relief in Vancouver, it pays to get acquainted with every possible trigger, even those that rarely gets talked about, such as loud sounds. This way, you can find better ways to work around your situation.


Sounds and Dizziness: What Science Says

A group of researchers from the University of Utah found that some people experience intense dizziness due to certain sounds. Doctors and researchers refer to the condition as semicircular canal dehiscence. This health mishap occurs because of a structural problem inside the superior canal – a small section inside the ears that helps you detect head rotations and lateral body movements. 

The researchers explain that patients diagnosed with the condition usually experience severe vertigo episodes after hearing sounds from trumpets, violin, piano, and even people talking. The present structural problem confuses the brain into detecting head movements each time your ear detects sound waves.


Managing Vertigo Episodes: Actionable Steps To Remember

Indeed, it can be frustrating to experience constant and random bouts of dizzying spells and vertigo attacks. The worse part is that the symptoms can manifest right after exposure to known triggers like loud sounds, strange scents, and sudden head and body movements.

But thankfully, several healthcare interventions have paved the way for better and easier vertigo management. So, if you are looking for ways to experience significant vertigo relief in Vancouver, you might find it helpful to tap into things such as:

  • Oral management of your vertigo-causing condition
  • The Epley Maneuver
  • Inner ear surgery
  • Inner ear infections
  • Upper cervical chiropractic care

It would be best to get diagnosed by your healthcare provider to determine the root cause of your vertigo episodes. If it stems from neck bone misalignments, you should consider seeking an upper cervical chiropractic doctor for vertigo relief in Vancouver. On the one hand, if your case requires surgical intervention such as semicircular canal dehiscence, you should work closely with an ENT to determine your best course of action.

vertigo relief in Vancouver

Experience Vertigo Relief in Vancouver With Our Help

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