Upper cervical care in Vancouver helps patients with various health problems. Meniere’s disease is an exceedingly frustrating condition that causes vertigo. It can hit anybody out of nowhere, and it is a very unpredictable problem. It can attack suddenly, and then it may not affect you for a few weeks or months. Many people suffering from this disease find themselves experiencing frequent vertigo attacks for days or weeks on end. As a result, it often affects individuals by giving them anxiety over not knowing when the next episode will hit them again. This condition can be a very debilitating one. It can change your regular routines. 

Here are the main symptoms of Meniere’s disease:

  • Vertigo
  • Irregular hearing loss (may become permanent if not treated in time) 
  • Tinnitus – a ringing or hissing sound in the ears
  • A feeling of fullness or congestion in the affected ear (usually only on one ear)

Care Options For Meniere’s Disease

If you opt to see your primary care doctor to care for your condition, he or she may recommend surgeries if none of the following options are useful:

  • Medications to prevent and relieve dizziness and vertigo
  • Water pills
  • An injection of antibiotics into your inner ear 
  • Dietary changes – avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and salt

Possible Causes of Meniere’s Disease

Meniere’s disease is a partial mystery among people in the medical community. However, there is one primary thing that doctors and researchers agree upon. They believe that it is due to an excessive amount of fluid building inside the inner ear’s labyrinth.

The labyrinth manages hearing and balance. Both of these become negatively affected when excess fluid (endolymph) gets clogged in the ear. The endolymph builds up inside the inner ear (labyrinth). As a result, the signals transmitted to the brain become blocked or disrupted. Thus, it can lead to Meniere’s disease.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic – Natural Care For Meniere’s Disease

When the upper cervical spine’s vertebrae move out of alignment, it can block the signals delivered to the brain, causing endolymph fluid to build up in the ears. Upper cervical chiropractors use an ultra-gentle and precise procedure to help realign these bones to their original positions. Once accomplished, numerous patients report seeing a significant improvement in their symptoms of Meniere’s disease.

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