chiropractor for vertigo in VancouverDizzy spells are common symptoms of some health conditions. Most of the time, dizziness can go away on its own. However, there are times when people mistake vertigo episodes for dizzy spells. While most people think that these two symptoms are interchangeable, they have several differences.

Being a chiropractor for vertigo in Vancouver, Dr. Vanessa Wulff knows how vertigo can impact the quality of the lives of individuals who experience this symptom. It vital that we differentiate a dizzy spell from a vertigo spell.

Dizzy spells may include feelings of being unsteady, disoriented, feeling woozy, lightheaded, and weak. There are some instances when people feel like they are passing out due to dizziness.  On the other hand, Vertigo spells are the false sensation that you or your environment is spinning or moving. Both of these symptoms may stem from the same cause. In some cases, dizziness also becomes a symptom of vertigo.


The Causes of Vertigo

Vertigo does not have one main cause, but it has several possible causes. However, one of the most common reasons for a vertigo episode involves an issue in the body’s vestibular system. Our chiropractor for vertigo in Vancouver recognizes that any issue within this system, including injury, inflammation, and infection, can make the affected person experience vertigo episodes. 

Another possible cause is a misalignment in the uppermost vertebra of the spine, which connects the head to the neck. This vertebra, aptly known as “The Atlas,” is the most vulnerable part of the spine because of its location. Misalignments may come from poor posture or an injury involving a hard blow on the head or neck. Apart from vertigo, misalignments in this area can also cause other problematic scenarios and symptoms in an individual.


When Should Vertigo Be Taken Seriously?

As with any other illness or conditions, vertigo episodes should be taken seriously if they affect the affected person’s quality of life. Once a health condition gets in the way of living everyday life, individuals should pay a visit to the doctor.


Alleviating Vertigo Through Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

As mentioned before, misalignments in the neck can result in problematic conditions, including vertigo. Any misalignment in this area may cause poor blood circulation that can trigger vertigo episodes. Upper Cervical Chiropractic is a natural way to alleviate many symptoms. It focuses on the uppermost area of the spine. 

Here at Balanced Living Chiropractic, our upper cervical chiropractors, such as Dr. Wulff, use gentle and accurate techniques to guide the atlas back to its original place.  If you or someone you know are looking for a chiropractor for vertigo in Vancouver, call us at (360) 597 4784 to set an appointment. You can also contact us through this link.


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