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The Link Between Vertigo and Neck Injuries

vertigo relief in Vancouver, neck injuriesDid you suddenly experience feeling like the world is spinning around? Well, you were most likely going through a vertigo symptom. Vertigo causes an episode of imbalance, concentration problems, dizziness, and hearing loss.

Accidents that cause neck and upper back injuries are one of the common roots of vertigo. Understanding the connection between neck injuries and vertigo can help unlock vital solutions for vertigo relief in Vancouver


How Neck and Head Injuries Causes Vertigo

A common thing among many patients with vertigo is having a history of neck or back injuries. Vertigo may develop in no time following major accidents such as car accidents, falls from a tall place, and sports injuries. Sometimes it takes years before the vertigo symptoms appear.

So, how does vertigo come into existence?

  • Events like car injuries can cause whiplash, the sudden, forceful bending forward and backward of the neck. Whiplash can seriously affect the spine, muscles, and nerves around the upper cervical area. 
  • Neck injuries can result in upper cervical spine misalignment. Spine misalignment can lead to critical issues in the nervous system. 
  • Upper cervical spine problems and neck injuries can block or hinder communication between the brain and the body, including the inner ear (the one responsible for our balance and stability).


Regain Control of Vertigo with Upper Cervical Care in Vancouver

Fortunately, a source of vertigo relief in Vancouver can help you keep vertigo at bay. Start by visiting Balanced Living Chiropractic, a provider of upper cervical care in Vancouver. Our team ensures a gentle, precise, and safe approach to help ease (if not eliminate) your vertigo and other health issues. 

Check out our blogs here to learn more about our method that successfully offers vertigo relief in Vancouver. Scheduling your first appointment with us is made more accessible! You can call 360-597-4784 or request an appointment through our online form. Take the first step towards your desired recovery. 


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