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Meniere’s Disease: Finding Help for the Problem in Vancouver, WA

menieres-disease-finding-help-for-the-problem-in-vancouver-waThe vestibular system is the main part of the body that is affected when one suffers from Meniere’s disease. This system is responsible for balance and coordination. Meniere’s disease is made up of four main symptoms:

  • Tinnitus -- a ringing or other noise in the ear
  • Vertigo -- the sensation that you or the things around you are spinning
  • Congestion or a feeling of fullness in the affected ear
  • Hearing loss -- can be intermittent and progress to permanent as the condition continues


What Causes Meniere’s Disease?

An imbalance in the inner ear is the likely cause of Meniere’s disease and is often due to fluid build-up, pressure changes in the ear, or chemical changes. Recently, research has indicated that Meniere’s disease is related to other conditions that have a similar characteristic: a reduction of blood flow to the brain. This is seen in conditions like migraine headaches. The more we understand Meniere’s, the more hope we have of finding a way to care for it. So, what causes blood flow to become restricted?


The Underlying Problem of Meniere’s Disease

Insufficient blood flow to the brain can be caused by a misalignment of the C1 and C2 vertebrae, the upper bones of the neck. Upper cervical chiropractors are often able to help those with Meniere’s find some relief by realigning these bones. Not only does the misalignment act as a blockage to blood flow but the nervous system is often negatively impacted.

Here at Balanced Living in Vancouver, Washington, we use a gentle method to help the bones of the neck move back into place more naturally than popping or cracking the neck or spine. With this type of natural realignment, the body is able to heal from the damage inflicted by the misalignment. Blood flow can be restored to normal, as well as nervous system function. This often helps with symptoms of Meniere’s disease.



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