relieving-menieres-disease-proper-spinal-alignmentRecent estimates have reported that Meniere’s disease affects nearly 200 people out of 100,000, typically starting at age 40. Signs and symptoms of Meniere’s disease include:

Those who suffer from this disease say that it is similar to feeling seasick. The vestibular system, which is part of the nervous system, is responsible for maintaining balance in the body. Consequently, a complication with the nervous system can be to blame for experiencing the symptoms mentioned above.

Living with Meniere’s disease is very trying. It is even more difficult to find a way to endure it. Recent research has affirmed a link between Meniere’s and inflammation. In fact, a new medicine is being tested that is designed to target this inflammation. It would be administered directly into the ear with the goal of diminishing the symptoms of Meniere’s. There have been some promising results seen in initial testing. Unfortunately, this solution can only be temporary. Meniere’s is a long-lasting problem, though. So why not invest in a long-lasting solution, one that has been proven to work?

Meniere’s Responding Well to Upper Cervical Chiropractic

As upper cervical chiropractors, we utilize a more natural approach to treat our Meniere’s patients. We have seen a link between head and neck trauma and Meniere’s disease. It begins by finding out if the C1 and C2 vertebrae have become misaligned, as this could be negatively impacting the brainstem. This can affect the nervous system and alter the way the ears drain. When fluid starts to build up in the ears, this can lead to inflammation.

Here at Balanced Living in Vancouver, Washington, we are able to use a gentle method to assist in getting the spine back into proper alignment. Many patients who have used this technique have experienced a decrease in their symptoms.


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