vertigo-care-options-ways-to-stop-the-spinningDealing with the spinning sensation of vertigo makes anyone suffering from it fearful and anxious about when the next attack will happen. Vertigo comes on without warning. While it is generally not deadly, it can be dangerous when it occurs in unsafe circumstances such as when driving or on a high ladder.

Causes of Vertigo and Treatment Options Available

Doctors believe that vertigo is due to a problem in the inner ear, such as the accumulation of tiny calcium particles or too much fluid build-up within it. This is the case for some people, particularly those who have an ear infection or similar issue. However, not all situations have inner ear problems as the underlying cause. These are referred to as central vertigo.

When it comes to vertigo care, doctors often start by prescribing a medication that will reduce the fluid within the ear. They could also recommend specific exercises to remove the calcium crystals that traveled into the wrong part of the ear. Some people even do a somersault in an effort to find relief. These methods have helped some vertigo sufferers to cope, but others have found the methods were unsuccessful in ending the spinning sensation of vertigo. What else can be done to stop vertigo?

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Upper Cervical Chiropractic Gives Hope to Vertigo Sufferers

There were 60 patients with vertigo who became part of a study. Out of the 60 patients, 56 of them shared they had experienced a head or neck trauma before the onset of their vertigo. They all received adjustments to their upper cervical spine – specifically the C1 and C2 vertebrae. After upper cervical chiropractic care, 48 of them reported complete elimination of their vertigo, while 12 said they felt improvements in their symptoms.

At Balanced Living in Vancouver, Washington, we aim for the same great results as the study mentioned above. We encourage the bones of the neck to realign naturally. Our adjustments do not include forceful popping or cracking of the spine. We work on correcting the misalignment as it can negatively impact the vestibular or balance system of the body. Once adjusted and back to normal alignment, many patients see their vertigo improve or disappear.

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