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Migraines—Linked to Improper Blood Flow

Migraines are one of the largest health concerns facing the medical world today. More and more people are experiencing them, and many are suffering from chronic migraines meaning that one experiences 15 or more episodes per month. A new study recently revealed evidence that migraines are not just a neurological condition but also a vascular [...]

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Case Study Reveals Migraines Relieved After Upper Cervical Treatment

A case study involving a 35-year-old woman revealed that migraines can be relieved through upper cervical care. The following is an overview of the study. The Migraine Study A 35-year-old woman was dealing with chronic daily migraines and tension headaches. She had experienced a concussion 12 years prior during a fall as a professional ice [...]

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Migraines Triggered Post-Stress—Finding Relief

It can be bad enough for a person who suffers from migraines that are triggered by stress. Migraines that are triggered by a post-stress reduction in cortisol can be even more frustrating. After all, who wants to finally get through a stressful situation only to immediately get hit with a migraine? Why do “let-down” migraines [...]

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