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Acupressure: Is It a Possible Source of Vertigo Relief?

acupressure, vertigo relief in Vancouver

Vertigo attacks can be quite unpleasant, especially if you aren't sure why they keep coming back. But thankfully, with a bit of patience and assistance from healthcare professionals, you can potentially experience significant vertigo relief in Vancouver. An example of the options that patients tap into is acupressure. Essentially, it's a traditional Chinese medicine technique that involves putting pressure on certain points in the body to stimulate energy flow. 

Some people who have explored this source of vertigo relief in Vancouver reported massive differences in their symptoms. And notably, they shared that their acupuncture therapist focused on stimulating three acupressure points, namely:

  • TW 17 (Triple Warmer 17)
  • GB 20 (Gall Bladder 20)
  • P6 (Pericardium 6)


Can Acupressure Help Relieve Vertigo Attacks?

Studies have yet to pinpoint the exact way acupressure helps with vertigo attacks. However, numerous research papers have illustrated how patients’ conditions improved after acupressure therapy. For example, in a 2015 case study, 60 patients who visited the ER for dizziness and vertigo relief received acupressure therapy sessions.

Some patients underwent the therapy for 7 days, while others only had a one-time acupressure session. Notably, the researchers found no significant difference between the two approaches but discovered that acupressure could indeed improve vertigo and dizziness symptoms.

Hence, if you are looking for ways to improve your condition, you might consider seeing an acupressure therapist near you. Additionally, we suggest complementing your efforts to restore your balance with the help of other proven sources of vertigo relief in Vancouver, such as Upper Cervical Care.

acupressure, vertigo relief in Vancouver

It's High Time You Considered Seeking Vertigo Relief in Vancouver

Vertigo episodes don’t need to impact your day-to-day life constantly. Let one of our Upper Cervical Doctors help you improve how your balance system works with the help of carefully planned C1 and C2 bone adjustments. During your first consultation, we will help you pinpoint the exact points along the cervical spine. 

Notably, these postural imbalances can compromise your spinal curvature and nearby structures like blood vessels supplying the head, muscle fibers attached to the neck, and several nerve roots. Let us help you improve your balance so you can finally enjoy lasting vertigo relief in Vancouver. Fill out our contact form to book your appointment with Balanced Living Chiropractic.


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