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Can Vertigo Episodes Stem from a Head Trauma?

Vancouver vertigo reliefHead trauma is a prevalent type of injury. It can be due to varying causes, including car collisions and sports activities like cycling, rugby, ringette, ice hockey. As a practice offering Vancouver vertigo relief, we have worked on thousands of cases that originated in previous head trauma. If you think your chronic vertigo attacks may be a result of a past injury, our discussion below can help shed light on what you can do to ease your symptom.


Head Injury and Vertigo – Tracing the Connection

Case studies prove that injuries like concussions or whiplash have a solid link to vertigo, a debilitating symptom that causes false motions, similar to riding a merry-go-round. Studies and other pieces of evidence explain that it has something to do with the displacement or shifting of the neck bones, C1 and C2.

These two bones supposedly protect the brainstem, the primary connection between the sensory and motor nerves to the brain. Unfortunately, sometimes these bones shift a few millimeters after a head injury or trauma and cause the following problems:

  • Poor drainage inside the inner ears 
  • Miscommunication between the brain and brainstem
  • Impaired brainstem function
  • Worse accompanying symptoms


Experience Vancouver Vertigo Relief with Balanced Living Chiropractic

Suppose you find a way to restore your cervical bones, what would happen to your vertigo symptoms? Studies share that pressure is removed from your brainstem and other nerves, eliminating the abovementioned problems.

As your upper cervical chiropractors, we aim to provide you with Vancouver vertigo relief that lasts. We do this by checking your neck bones and providing gentle adjustments that fix the bone alignment. With your upper neck bones restored, you can potentially get rid of your symptoms and let your body heal faster.

Call Balanced Living Chiropractic at 360-597-4784 to schedule your consultation with one of our chiropractors. We can check your cervical spine for possible misalignments. Alternatively, you can drop us a line via our website contact form. We would be happy to provide you with lasting Vancouver vertigo relief.


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