vertigo, Vancouver WA vertigo reliefLooking for a practical option for Vancouver WA vertigo relief can be quite challenging sometimes. It can leave you frustrated if the remedy you try doesn’t provide you with the comfort you need. To help you find the right technique to use, let’s explore a bit more on how a vertigo episode works. This way, you can quickly improve how well you cope whenever an attack occurs.


Quick Introduction to Vertigo

Vertigo episodes cause disorienting false motions. It tricks your mind to think that you’re in motion even when you’re perfectly still. It can happen out of the blue and last for several hours. While it’s generally harmless, it could pose risks for the elderly. The dizzying and spinning sensations that come with an episode can increase your likelihood of getting injured due to falling or tripping. Hence, if you notice the onset of the symptoms, we recommend resting for a bit. 


Finding Vancouver WA vertigo relief

We tell everyone who comes to us for Vancouver WA vertigo relief that a vertigo episode isn’t a disease. So, if you want to cope better, you will need to uncover the underlying health concern behind your vertigo attacks. For example, does it stem from an infection? Did you have a previous injury to the neck or head? How about Meniere’s disease or BPPV? 

The more you learn about what causes your episodes, the better you can manage your spinning sensations. A trip to your doctor can help you narrow down the likely cause of your attacks. 


Coping Techniques for Vertigo

Once you determine what triggers your vertigo episodes, you can create a well-defined approach to curb your symptoms. For example, you can try using natural remedies like: 

  • Taking calcium and vitamin D supplements if you have deficiencies
  • Doing the Epley Maneuver or Brandt-Daroff exercise
  • Improving your sleep quality
  • Finding a better way to manage stress (emotional and physical)
  • Minimizing consumption of alcohol 

On one hand, if it stems from a neck bone misalignment, you can seek the help of an upper cervical care doctor. This way, you can restore the alignment. It also allows you to relieve the mechanical pressure on the nerves and tissues, which may be causing your brain to received faulty or mixed-up pieces of information about your movement and orientation. 

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