head-trauma-and-vertigo“Are head trauma and vertigo related in some way?” This is one of the questions we get as long-time vertigo chiropractors based in Vancouver, WA 

In case you don’t know, vertigo is a symptom that leaves its sufferers feeling like the world around them is spinning even though there is no actual spinning occurring. Other vertigo comes with other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and disorientation. Some people also experience a ringing sensation in the ears, weakness, and difficulty walking.  

The Connection Between Head Trauma Vertigo 

A 2006 study performed on 60 participants revealed that the patients had experienced some form of head trauma before the onset of vertigo. The injury usually occurred either to the head or neck.  

Vehicular and bicycle accidents were some of the causes of the head and neck trauma. Sports mishaps during sports like skiing and horseback riding were also present in the patient histories. Other patients had injuries after slipping and falling. 

What was surprising among these cases is that major accidents caused only a few of these injuries. This finding demonstrates that it does not take a considerable injury for the upper vertebrae of the neck to misalign. Once a misalignment occurs, vertigo may develop.  

Another surprising discovery was that not all of these accidents were recent ones. Some of them happened many years prior and were beginning to reveal the symptoms like vertigo after 15 or more years.  

Natural Relief for Vertigo 

Based on the many years of experience as vertigo chiropractors based in Vancouver, WA, we’ve found that upper cervical care can be a great form of relief for vertigo.  

Upper cervical chiropractic care entails the gentle yet precise adjustment of misaligned bones in the neck. Unlike traditional chiropractic methods, we don’t use popping and cracking techniques.  

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