inflammation, Vancouver upper cervical chiropractorMeniere’s disease used to be a relatively unknown vestibular disorder. But recently, due to stories shared by the Flashlight hit singer Jessie J, awareness of this challenging condition has significantly increased. Many are now aware that vertigo attacks coupled with hearing loss and ear congestion may be a potential indication of Meniere’s.

Many flock to a Vancouver upper cervical chiropractor each year to resolve their symptoms and lessen the disorder’s impact. Additionally, you can find many resources on Meniere’s that can help you improve how to cope. 

In our discussion below, we hope to shed light on the connection between Meniere’s and inflammation. Does inflammation trigger worse symptoms? What can you do to alleviate your ear discomfort and reduce the severity and frequency of your attacks?


The Connection Between Inflammation and Meniere’s

Inflammation inside the ears can sometimes happen, especially when you suffer from an infection or experience an allergic reaction. Unfortunately, a study explains that when the endolymphatic sac (your inner ear’s primary immune system organ) gets inflamed several times, it could wear out and lead to the onset of Meniere’s.  

Besides the immune response of the inner ear, studies also note that inflammation can get triggered or aggravated by slight changes in your cervical spine. For example, when your upper neck bones shift from their original alignment, they can impede the normal flow of fluids to and from the head. Consequently, this leads to increased pressure in your endolymphatic sacs and your vestibular system. 

Thankfully, this is where a Vancouver upper cervical chiropractor comes in handy. 


Can A Vancouver Upper Cervical Chiropractor Help?

Vancouver upper cervical chiropractors are helpful to anyone with Meniere’s disease because they employ a technique that improves fluid drainage inside the ears, easing the pressure on the vestibular system. 

Called upper cervical chiropractic, it’s a unique and scientifically-based approach to healing that has changed the lives of thousands of patients living with Meniere’s. If you or anyone you love has this debilitating condition, you can try upper cervical care to relieve your discomfort. 

Balanced Living Chiropractic has trusted Vancouver upper cervical chiropractors that you can count on when you have Meniere’s. We practice techniques like NUCCA care to improve fluid drainage and reduce inflammation inside the ears. 

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