light, migraine relief in VancouverDid you know that there are a billion people around the world today who suffer from migraines? In America alone, at least 39 million individuals suffer from this debilitating condition.

While the pain itself is already too much to bear, this disease also carries with it a hefty financial cost. Each year, we spend as much as $50 million on health care for migraines. At least $113 million is lost in lost work hours, while various businesses incur another $13 million worth of revenue losses.

For these reasons, migraine relief in Vancouver is much sought-after since it affects not only companies, both large and small, it is a threat to the very livelihood of people diagnosed with the disease.

Aside from the pain associated with this disease, people are also asking for help with another condition: photo-sensitivity. It is almost as hard and debilitating as losing one’s sight. 



Some call it a mere sensitivity to light, while others refer to it as photophobia.  Photophobia causes serious pain and discomfort when you expose yourself to bright lighting.  People who look for migraine relief in Vancouver claim that this symptom is especially difficult when fluorescent lighting surrounds them.

The actual pain occurs due to the light detected by nerves in the eyes, signals of which reach the brain.  In and of itself, photophobia is not a particular ailment but only a symptom of migraine.

Of course, other conditions could cause light sensitivity, but many cases have been positively associated with migraines.


Coping with the Pain of Migraines and Lighting

If you come to our office to get relief for migraines, you will first be examined to check for any structural imbalances that could contribute to your pain. Specifically, our upper cervical chiropractor would look at the alignment of your atlas bone (C1) and the axis bone (C2). 

The alignment of the C1 and C2 bones are crucial to overall spine health.  When these bones are not properly aligned, pain sets in whenever a nerve is blocked or compressed. The misalignment could also lead to imbalances that interfere with the central nervous system’s normal function and the millions of nerves that weave through it. This can result in migraines.

But no worries! There is migraine relief in Vancouver that it is truly safe and natural. Upper cervical chiropractic uses only gentle, precise adjustments on the C1 and C2 bones, which promote healing and restoration in the head, neck, and entire body.

For migraine relief in Vancouver, many people go to our office, Balanced Living Chiropractic, to get the respite they need. People with migraine and light sensitivity are given the right information they need about the causes and relief options available for their specific condition.

To experience this alternative pain relief option, visit us at Balanced Living in Vancouver, WA, or go to our website for more information.


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