migraines, NUCCA chiropractor in VancouverAs a leading NUCCA chiropractor in Vancouver, Dr. Joseph Perin has handled various migraine cases. Some patients display mild symptoms. However, others are worse than the others, such as hemiplegic migraine. It’s a rare type of migraine that only affects about 0.01 percent of migraine sufferers. Like other types of migraine episodes, it triggers various problems, including nausea, throbbing headaches, sensory sensitivity, vertigo, nausea, and confusion. 

The only difference is that a hemiplegic migraine episode tends to occur after paralysis, muscle weakness, and muscle numbness. Many patients also report debilitating symptoms that occur in patients who suffered from a stroke. Some also complain about aura or visual disturbances such as seeing zigzag patterns, blind spots, or quick flashes of lights. 


Getting to Know Hemiplegic Migraines

Often, we deal with two types of hemiplegic migraines, namely, familial and sporadic. Essentially, you can distinguish the two by tracing your family history. If you have more than two relatives diagnosed with hemiplegic migraines, you have the familial type. However, if the condition doesn’t run in your family, you have the sporadic type. 

In most cases, patients diagnosed with hemiplegic migraines exhibit symptoms that occur in early childhood but extend towards adult life. The attacks can last for around 30 minutes to an hour.  

Plenty of patients who seek the assistance of a NUCCA chiropractor in Vancouver for hemiplegic migraines often ask about the possible cause of their condition. According to studies, here are some potential explanations behind one of the worst type of migraines:

  • Brain damage
  • Brain infection
  • Family history
  • Stroke
  • Spinal cord injury


Seek Assistance From A NUCCA Chiropractor in Vancouver

If you get diagnosed with hemiplegic migraines or suspect having the condition, you can either seek medical assistance or have your spine checked for misalignment. Studies reveal that some patients who suffer from hemiplegic migraines have a misaligned spine or neck. More importantly, most of these patients experience relief after completing their sessions with a NUCCA chiropractor in Vancouver

It turns out that even the slightest change in your neck bones’ alignment can affect your health and cause severe migraines. If the neck bone misalignment persists, your migraine episodes or hemiplegic migraines will keep on recurring and causing debilitating effects.  

If you have been suffering from hemiplegic migraines for a long time, you might see improvements with the help of NUCCA care. It’s a natural remedy that aims to restore the spine’s neutral position and ease the pressure on the brainstem, spinal cord, nerves, and muscle. Get in touch with us here at Balanced Living Chiropractic if you need a NUCCA chiropractor in Vancouver or if you wish to know more about NUCCA care. You may reach our clinic here in Vancouver at 360-597-4784 or via our online form.


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