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Living Without Dizziness: Is it an Impossible Dream?

Dizziness, vertigo relief in VancouverDizziness is not life-threatening, but it can interrupt your everyday routine. It can also jeopardize your work and make you vulnerable to injuries and accidents. Just imagine what would happen if you suddenly feel lightheaded while using a heavy machine or climbing up the staircase to your office. Because of these inconveniences, thousands of people seek vertigo relief in Vancouver

Unfortunately, finding a remedy that works can be challenging because this seemingly simple health problem can stem from an underlying issue.  


Beyond the Dizzying Spells

Misdiagnosis can sometimes happen because some people aren’t sure how to explain how they feel. Some would automatically assume they feel dizzy when their symptoms are more consistent with a vertigo episode. Others, on the one hand, don’t know that dizziness is a catch-phrase for at least three types of symptoms, namely: 

  • Vertigo – This type of dizziness stems from either a vestibular or central nervous system problem. It fools your mind into detecting movements when there is none.  
  • Disequilibrium – Some individuals who experience spinning say they feel off-balance. Studies note that this is a hallmark symptom of disequilibrium, a type of dizziness that results from ear infection complications or a severe nerve problem.  

Sometimes, knowing what type of dizziness you experience allows you to create a definitive self-care plan. It will also help your doctor recommend helpful approaches like taking medications or talking to an upper cervical chiropractic practitioner.  


A Promising Option for Vertigo Relief in Vancouver

A life with constant vertigo attack or dizziness can be limiting, not to mention stressful and frustrating. Thankfully, regardless of the type of dizziness you have, you can experience relief with the help of C1 and C2 neck bone adjustments. 

To date, upper cervical care remains among the top options for vertigo relief in Vancouver because it provides the following benefits: 

  • Less risk for inflammation or congestions inside the inner ear due to improved fluid drainage
  • Restored function of your brainstem, a crucial component of the nervous system
  • A smooth and uninterrupted flow of signals from the brain to your vestibular (balance) system

Working with our upper cervical chiropractor at Balanced Living Chiropractic might be the best option to get vertigo relief in Vancouver. Find out how you can live without vertigo, presyncope, or disequilibrium by booking your first appointment. Call 360-597-4784 or leave a message today!


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