Meniere’s disease, Vancouver WA chiropracticPeople have been bravely sharing their experiences in coping with Meniere’s disease. Two examples include Huey Lewis, a 50s rock icon and platinum record maker, and Jessie J, a singer-songwriter known for her hits like Price Tag and Flashlight. Thanks to their efforts, more and more people tap into potential remedies like going to a Vancouver WA chiropractic practice.  

But is there an effective way to combat the effects of Meniere’s? Can people experience significant improvements like Jessie J? Or should patients worry about permanent hearing loss, similar to the tragic story of Huey Lewis?


Meniere’s Disease Relief: Options Available Today

Patients suffering from the horrible impacts of Meniere’s disease have several options for relief. Some of them are natural and non-invasive such as upper cervical chiropractic. On the one hand, others need surgical correction of the inner ear organs. Here’s a list of your options:

  • Vestibular rehabilitation therapy 
  • Positive pressure therapy
  • Inner ear injections
  • Labyrinthectomy 
  • Vancouver WA chiropractic care 

The outcome of the relief option you pick will depend on several factors, including how long you had the symptoms and the root cause of your symptoms. If you have a history of neck trauma or notice chronic neck pain, we suggest considering upper cervical care. Unknown to you, your C1 and C2 bones might have shifted and triggered a series of problems like vertigo and other symptoms of Meniere’s. 

With the help of Balanced Living Chiropractic, you can ease the bones back in place and eliminate the root cause of your symptoms.


Work with a Vancouver WA Chiropractic Doctor to Achieve Relief

Are you ready to explore a natural and sustainable way to address Meniere’s disease symptoms? Our Vancouver WA chiropractic practice would love to help you. Our upper cervical practitioners can examine your neck bones and determine if you can benefit from C1 and C2 bone adjustments. 

Pick a time to schedule your initial C1 and C2 bone assessment or talk to our team of professionals at Balanced Living Chiropractic. You may also give us a ring at (360) 597-4784.


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