Meniere's Disease, NUCCA chiropractic in VancouverPeople used to think that Meniere’s disease has to do with brain problems because of the balance concerns, phantom noise, and the imaginary twirling sensations. These days, medical experts are looking into the possibility of head trauma as the root cause of this condition. NUCCA chiropractic in Vancouver is a procedure wherein the neck and spine are checked for alignment issues contributing to Meniere’s disease.


Meniere’s Disease: An Overview

Medical professionals believe that this inner ear condition is a result of a drainage issue. The fluids in the inner ears usually flow smoothly in the labyrinth and empty into the canals. However, the channels can become narrower due to inflammation of the bony labyrinth. Also, increased pressure from the adjacent parts can affect the fluid flow. These two are some of the possible triggers of this condition. 


Spinal Misalignments: Some Facts

A common misconception that most people have is that spinal misalignments are due to blunt force trauma. If the impact is strong enough, it can dislodge the bones and discs from their original spots. Not necessarily. 

A simple fall may trigger enough bodily response to result in an alignment problem. When this results in a misaligned neck and spine, the person may have limited mobility. It can lead to headaches and neck discomfort as well. In some cases, blood pressure levels increase in response.


NUCCA Chiropractic Procedure

Dr. Perin of Balanced Living Chiropractic in Vancouver, Washington, knows that mounting blood pressure levels due to spinal misalignments can trigger Meniere’s disease. Add to this the roadblocks that nerves deal with as they get to the brain. It is understandable for the brain to issue commands that can only aggravate the inner ear issues. 

Those seeking NUCCA chiropractic in Vancouver can count on him to use the latest techniques and the most precise approach in correcting any symmetry issues. Some people claim relief from other body aches besides Meniere’s disease.

Wouldn’t you want to find out if a spinal alignment can help you reduce the effects of Meniere’s disease? Schedule your consultation with Dr. Perin today. Find out now how you can naturally achieve relief.


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