migraines-vs-sinus-headaches-how-they-differAs migraine chiropractors in Vancouver, WA, we’re here to set the record straight once and for all. People often mistake migraines for sinus headaches. Harvard Health Blog reported that about 86% of patients who think they have sinus headaches are actually dealing with migraines. That is a pretty high figure considering how many people are blaming headaches on their sinuses. This could mean that the reported 38 million Americans suffering from migraines could be much higher. 

Similarities Between a Migraine and a Sinus Headache

Migraines and sinus headaches are similar in three ways:

  • Both have moderate to severe headache as a symptom
  • Weather changes can trigger both conditions
  • Both can present with facial pressure

Differences Between a Migraine and a Sinus Headache

If a patient consults a doctor with pain above or below the eyes, it is likely a sinus headache, and a prescription for antibiotics would help clear up a sinus infection. Unfortunately, a migraine patient may also recover through this medication, not because of an infection but due to a combination of the migraine subsiding over time and the placebo effect (patient thinks he or she has an infection and that antibiotics are the solution, and the patient starts to “feel better”). 

For many, it is a vicious cycle that continues for years with a person experiencing recurring migraines that are misdiagnosed as infections and sinus headaches. How can you determine it is actually a migraine?

  • Migraines come with sensory sensitivity 
  • Migraine patients have clear nasal drainage, while those with sinus infections have thick, discolored mucus
  • Nausea is one symptom of migraines but rarely a symptom of sinus headaches
  • If several family members experience the same problem, it is very likely to be migraines since they tend to run in families

The Natural Way to Care for Migraines 

Before you explore any treatment options, we suggest that you get a proper diagnosis from your doctor to confirm your migraines. Only then you can get the proper solution. A natural technique that can help you with migraines is upper cervical chiropractic care. Many migraine patients respond well to this unique method. Why is that so?

The uppermost bone in the spine, the atlas, is responsible for protecting the brainstem function and for facilitating the proper flow of cerebrospinal fluid and blood. Correcting a misalignment in this area of the spine can fix issues that cause the symptoms of migraines. Schedule a consultation with Balanced Living in Vancouver, Washington to learn more about how the gentle and natural method called upper cervical chiropractic can help you achieve migraine relief.