Vestibular Neuronitis, chiropractor for vertigo in VancouverVertigo often gets triggered by other health problems such as vestibular neuronitis. Our chiropractor for vertigo in Vancouver has encountered many cases caused by this viral infection in the inner ears. Essentially, when you get diagnosed with vestibular neuronitis, it means that your vestibular verve or the nerve in charge of balance and motion perception is swollen and inflamed. This results in a false sense of motion and even loss of balance. The symptom can persist for days or weeks, depending on when your infection clears out. 

Besides vertigo or dizzying spells, vestibular neuronitis can also occur with other problems such as vomiting, nausea, and respiratory tract infections. For most people, their symptoms tend to show up or worsen when they do any sudden movements. Let’s learn more about vestibular neuronitis vertigo and how you can seek natural relief. 


What triggers vestibular neuronitis?

Ever wondered how your inner eat got infected by a virus? This most likely happened because you previously had flu or colds. It could also occur if you recently had other viral infections such as rubella, chickenpox, shingles, and mumps. 

Doctors diagnose the condition by ruling out other potential causes of the vertigo episodes. They do it through MRI scans or performing a few physical tests. Then they may also test your sense of hearing to gauge the extent of the problem.


How a Chiropractor for Vertigo in Vancouver Can Help

If you get diagnosed with vertigo caused by vestibular neuronitis, it may help to see a chiropractor for vertigo in Vancouver. Many found relief from their vertigo episodes by receiving upper cervical adjustments. We check for neck bone misalignment, which can sometimes worsen vertigo symptoms. Then, we take the necessary measurements to gauge the degree of misalignment in your upper neck bones, C1 and C2. We then use gentle and calculated adjustments to ease your body into healing independently. This restores the transmission of signals to your brain, which essentially helps you maintain your balance and perceive true motion. 

Through the help of our chiropractor for vertigo in Vancouver, you can experience improved vertigo symptoms, allowing you to go back to work or enjoy the activities you couldn’t do before because of your condition. Please book an appointment with us today to know more. You can also call us at 360-597-4784 or leave us a message using our contact form.


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