Meniere's disease, Vancouver WA vertigoIf you hear ringing in your ears while your body senses the world is spinning, then you might have Meniere’s Disease. In Vancouver WA vertigo patients are considering chiropractic care as a natural method to relieve this condition. Before we talk about this holistic approach, let us determine what Meniere’s disease is all about.


Explaining Meniere’s Disease

We all know that our ears take care of our hearing abilities. This task alone is essential. Can you imagine what it is like to not hear anything, even for just a few seconds? Discomforting, right?

Aside from hearing, the inner ears also serve a less-known but equally important function. It takes care of our overall balance. Beneath the skin, there is an intricate system located in our inner ear that achieves this purpose. When something goes wrong due to external or internal causes, our brain receives a message and might trigger vertigo. As a result, the spinning action and the ringing sound happen.


Getting Vancouver WA Vertigo Relief

According to upper cervical chiropractors in Vancouver WA vertigo and Meniere’s disease can also arise if the cervical spine or the neck is misaligned. Here at Balanced Living Chiropractic, Dr. Perin pays extra attention to the upper two vertebrae when assessing the neck area.

Pressure or swelling due to misalignment might have triggered vertigo and Meniere’s disease. If this is the case, Dr. Perin will develop a program for you that uses gentle and precise techniques to coax the body to realign. A realigned body may allow you to experience relief from these conditions.

Call now and meet with Dr. Perin. Our team will make a thorough evaluation to determine if an upper cervical misalignment causes your Meniere’s disease leading to vertigo. Finding the likely causes of this condition is critical in your search for discovering natural relief options.


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