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Tackling Migraine Beyond the Symptoms

migraine relief in Vancouver

Migraine is no fun. Just ask anyone who has experienced an episode a few times. Those who had to deal with chronic migraine are not a stranger to migraine's debilitating symptoms, including severe head pain, nausea, and vomiting. Some also experience visual disturbances. 

Finding migraine relief in Vancouver may also be challenging for others as sometimes what works for their peers does not work for them. Also, there are recommended migraine relief options that address the symptoms alone and not migraine as a whole. Therefore, there is a high chance of recurring attacks. If this is you, you are not alone. Many of you feel you've tried everything to find migraine relief in Vancouver - consultations with specialists, taking medications, changing your diet, etc. 

However, it seems that nothing helps. Perhaps it's time to try a new and more holistic approach if you find yourself at your wit's end. Have you heard about upper cervical chiropractic care? This method is a gentle, drug-free approach that has helped countless migraine sufferers find relief.


How Does Upper Cervical Care Help Migraines?

Upper cervical care is a natural approach that gently corrects misalignments in the upper cervical bones -atlas and axis- so they can no longer irritate the nervous system, particularly the brainstem. Not many people realize it, but migraine can stem from upper cervical misalignments, and once it's corrected, you can start noticing a decrease or complete elimination of your migraine symptoms. Many patients also find that their overall health improves as their nervous system can function properly, and there is no interference in blood flow to and from the brain.

migraine relief in Vancouver

How Does Upper Cervical Care for Migraine Relief in Vancouver Work?

Upper cervical care is done by upper cervical chiropractic doctors who have undergone advanced training and certification. They sometimes use sophisticated tools and imaging technology to help assess the severity of misalignment and pinpoint its exact location. Then, they will plan a series of recommended and personalized adjustments from the initial assessment to realign the atlas and axis and help patients achieve migraine relief in Vancouver.

Upper cervical adjustments are designed to hold—meaning once your atlas and axis are back in alignment, they should stay that way. This helps a patient experience lasting relief and significantly reduces migraine recurrence chances.

If you are ready to end the pain and suffering caused by migraine through a natural and holistic approach, you can call us to get started with your upper cervical care. You can book your appointment directly via 360-597-4784 or through this online booking form.


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If you are outside of the local area, you can find an Upper Cervical Doctor near you at www.uppercervicalawareness.com.

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