the-neurological-and-vascular-origins-of-migrainesMigraines are a global problem, and more than 37 million Americans deal with it regularly. Despite its prevalence, researchers have more to learn about the neurological condition, especially on the origin of migraines. The leading theory is that the brainstem and blood flow in the brain can be behind the development of migraines. 

Vascular Issues Can Be the Source of Migraines

A study assessed thousands of migraine patients and cases. Researchers wanted to know if there is a connection between migraines and vascular problems. They looked at genetic markers and eventually compared migraine patients from non-migraine people. The study revealed some interesting facts.

Researchers found that 38 areas of the human genome were related to migraine patients. Most of these genes were associated with vascular function. The study concludes that some people might be susceptible to vascular problems that result in migraines. The study affirms the link between migraines and blood flow issues. However, blood flow is not the single factor in migraine development.

Migraines are Neurological Too

Migraines have long been known as a neurological condition because one of the contributors to its onset is an issue in the brainstem. The brainstem and the trigeminal nerve work together to sense and process pain signals in the body. Brain chemistry also contributes to regulating pain. 

Researchers suggest that doctors should both examine both neurological and vascular functions of a patient with migraines to know its origin. But regardless of its source, the most effective solution to cut down the severity and frequency of migraine episodes is to address its root cause. 

Study Supports Upper Cervical Care as Migraine Solution

A recent report pointed out the vast help of the NUCCA technique in upgrading the lives of migraine patients. NUCCA is a specific method within the upper cervical chiropractic practice. NUCCA uses measurements and gentle adjustment technique to return the misaligned vertebrae in the upper cervical spine. This allows the healing and restoration of the normal functions of the brainstem and the blood vessels, which are big factors in migraines. 

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