Vancouver ChiropractorIf you’re in Washington and suffering from frequent migraine attacks, a Vancouver chiropractor might just be someone that you need. A person suffering from migraine may have headache on just one side or both sides of the head, throbbing pain, and sensitivity of the five senses but mostly against too much bright light, loud sounds, and strong scents. 

It’s no surprise that people having migraine for a long time may develop mental health issues like anxiety and depression. The disruption in daily living and the feeling of being held back in your potential in life could deteriorate anyone’s motivation. Difficulty describing and pointing out the invisible symptoms of migraine could also add to the burden.


It’s Not Just in Your Head

Many factors could trigger a migraine attack, as mentioned, but there is a high possibility that it is due to a disruption in the normal function of the nervous system. Understanding the simple flow in our system could help us identify where the symptoms are really coming from and make informed decisions on how to seek help.

Migraine is directly linked with the trigeminal nerve of the nervous system. This nerve helps us sense the temperature and feel sensations in our face area. A study found that injury in the upper portions of our cervical spine that connects to the trigeminal nerve triggers pain symptoms, especially in the head area and might also cause other illnesses that affect our body’s central control center, the nervous system.

Injuries may come from physical accidents that affect the upper portion of our body, especially the head and neck. However, some causes are a collection of other factors such as age, lifestyle, environment, and genes. That’s a lot to process, right? That’s why it is often misdiagnosed. A proper diagnosis and assessment are crucial in receiving the right medical attention.


Choose the Right Migraine Reliever for You

Aside from the traditional medication, there are natural methods to fix injury or misalignment of the upper cervical spine. Every Vancouver chiropractor who practices Upper Cervical Care can be of help. The misaligned area of the spine is carefully maneuvered into re-alignment, which then results in normal blood flow and signal transfers to and from our brain. In summary, Upper Cervical Care is a cost-effective, non-invasive and safe procedure with an increasing approval rate from patients and medical experts alike.

You could be a visit away from your chiropractor for a pain-free and higher quality of life. Contact our Vancouver chiropractor to experience the health benefits of this natural form of care.


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