vertigo-and-menieres-disease-relief-through-proper-spinal-alignmentVertigo relief in Vancouver would not be possible without acknowledging the origin of the problem. Contrary to popular belief, vertigo is not a condition. It is just a symptom. One of the conditions that can cause vertigo is Ménière’s disease

It is an incapacitating condition. Ménière’s disease potentially hinders a person from doing his or her daily routines effectively. Meniere’s attacks can persist for as long as six hours at any given time. These attacks have three main symptoms:

  • Vertigo, a false spinning sensation that may also cause nausea
  • Tinnitus, a ringing noise situated in the inner ear
  • Irregular hearing loss in the affected ear

Proper Spinal Alignment Gives Ménière’s Patient Relief

A clinical case study observed a 52-year-old male patient diagnosed with Ménière’s disease. He sought care from an upper cervical chiropractor. After five weeks of adjustments to his atlas vertebra, he reported that he experienced a 60% reduction in his symptoms.

The atlas and axis bones are the top two bones of the neck, also known as the C1 and C2 vertebrae. They have the essential task of protecting the brainstem. If they become misaligned, they cause excessive stress or pressure on the brainstem and cause a malfunction. This misalignment causes the brainstem to send the wrong signals to the brain about the body’s actual location. It often can lead to vertigo and other symptoms of Ménière’s disease.

There was another study involving a 55-year old patient with Ménière’s disease who experienced constant dizziness, episodic vertigo, and occasional ear deafness. The patient’s evaluation revealed a C1 vertebral subluxation. The study showed complete improvement for the patient and significant resolution of symptoms after two weeks of care.

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