vertigo-is-it-just-another-sign-of-agingWe get a lot of questions about vertigo as Washington upper cervical chiropractors. One of the questions that stuck with us was a patient’s inquiry about vertigo and aging. “Does vertigo naturally occur with old age?”

According to a 2016 study, vestibular function starts to decline dramatically after a person turns the age of 40. Why is that so? What can we do about it?

Your Risk of Vertigo Increases After 40

Researchers of the above study tried to verify the smallest movements that a person can correctly distinguish. We can refer to it as a person’s vestibular threshold.

The study found that after age 40, a person’s vestibular threshold doubles every year. For example, the amount someone has to move to recognize something changed at age 40 is half of the amount of movement the same person would need to make at age 50, and a quarter of the movement necessary at age 60. 

For this reason, many seniors fall. By the time the vestibular system notifies the person about the body’s movement, the fall is too far along to be avoided. What happens is the body doesn’t recognize the oncoming fall until the body is much more off balance. The false feeling of movement or lack of sensation when movement actually happens is vertigo. 

Is Vertigo Inevitable as You Age?

Your risk of vertigo is higher as you age, but it does not mean there is no way to avoid it. Fortunately, many patients notice that upper cervical chiropractic care improves their vertigo symptoms.

Maintaining the proper alignment of the C1 and C2 vertebrae can help in ensuring the smooth flow of blood to the head and ears. As a result, vertigo patients often respond well to gentle and precise adjustments of the C1 and C2.

Washington upper cervical chiropractors at Balanced Living can help you attain a lasting solution to your vertigo, regardless of your age. We encourage you to set an appointment with us, especially those who have a history of head or neck injury.


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